Who the fuck is 

Kevin mcflannigan

Rivers Edge, Kevin McFlannigan and the Saggy Tiddies, Kevin McFlannigan, First Live-Gig Ever Tour, Volume I, etc.


About me

One band is not enough. There are lots of things that need to be discovered, tried, played and deleted. 

Who is Kevin and why does he do what he does? 


First live-gig ever tour

Too few gigs to call it a tour, too many not to. What started with drunken nights with a guitar in several pubs suddenly became much more than that. 

Video "First Live-Gig Ever Part I"

Volume I - album

Put a drunk guy in a pub, hand him his guitar and this is what it sounds like. Literally. All of the songs were written in a pub and had their first performance there. Now since there are just too many of those songs, here's a records with a few of them. 

Coming December 2020 

Kevin Mcflannigan and the saggy tiddies

Formed to have fun, rehearsed to improve and played for the atmosphere. A tiny bit of music within hours of bad jokes is what KMcF & the Saggy Tiddies stand for. 

Check it out on our first gig at BandXost qualifications in September.


Rivers Edge

A band founded back in 2015 and creating noise ever since. First demo-record "Kiss the Sky" was released in March 2018 and more than 30 gigs have been played with it. In October 2019 the band has decided to have a break for a couple of months, years, decades, who knows?

Website Rivers Edge 


What would music be if noone could ever hear it? 

JustPointless makes your music hearable. A small studio with affordable prices with the goal of putting YOUR song where everyone can love it. 

Website coming soon